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Egyptian cotton is known to stand out from the rest with its organic nature and superior strength in softness and absorbency. The long fibers that characterize Egyptian cotton make it capable of producing the finest and smoothest yarns without compromising on quality. Apart from promising quality, linens made out of Egyptian cotton are majorly hypoallergenic and completely safe for human usage without compromising on health.

From beddings to bath linens, opting for Egyptian cotton tend to promise you long-lasting linens that are durable, comfy, and safe.

This article is focused on why you should consider stocking up on Egyptian cotton towels when you are shopping for your towels. Egyptian cotton towels are well known for their softness, durability, and superior quality; making them the finest of towels. Keep reading to find out why we recommend opting for them:


When compared to ordinary towels, Egyptian cotton towels have a higher absorbency capacity. Irrespective of how long you use them, they retain their absorbency. You should however note that in order to help them retain absorbency, you have to ensure that you take proper care of them.


Egyptian cotton towels are made from organic cotton and this means that chemicals are not used in their production. Hence, you are assured of using towels that wouldn’t cause irritation on the skin or aggravate skin issues and allergies. The skin becomes extremely vulnerable after a shower/bath as the pores are usually opened. Using Egyptian cotton towels to dry your body after a bath helps to ensure that no harmful chemicals get into your skin through open pores.


Towels made out of Egyptian cotton are more breathable than other towels; including ones made from other types of cotton. They are very comfortable to use and are perfect for use during summertime. You are also assured of towels with minimal chances of growing mildew and mold. This is because they do not take too long to dry.


One unique feature you get to enjoy while using Egyptian cotton towels is that they get better, fluffier, and softer with use. Most towels tend to lose their absorbency and fluffiness over time, thereby becoming worn out. Although Egyptian cotton towels tend to be more expensive in comparison to their counterparts, they are definitely a worthwhile investment as they can last you several years.


If you are looking to enjoy a luxurious and comfy feel after you’ve had a bath, then opting for Egyptian cotton towels is a great idea. They are the softest and the quality they possess make them extremely durable and long-lasting so you get to enjoy softness for as long as you use them.

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Your towels don’t have to be just basic home items that you use to dry your body after a bath. You can make them an avenue to enjoy luxury and comfort from time to time, by investing in Egyptian cotton towels. At Bedsheets Express, we have a vast collection of 100% Egyptian cotton towels you can explore. They come in varying colours and sizes, making them perfect choices for you and your family.

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