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Buy the wrong pillows and you could be throwing away your chance to enjoy nights of good sleep. Sleep is an extremely vital part of our lives and we need it to recuperate daily so not getting enough of it can be worrying.

It is important to note that like with other bedding pieces, pillows play a good role in helping you enjoy good sleep, as well as enjoy good health. For a lot of people who experience neck or headaches every morning despite sleeping through the night, their pillows might be the main reason why that is happening.

So what should you consider when shopping for a pillow? What factors should you think about to ensure you buy the perfect pillow for you? Read on to find out.

pillow shopping, things to look out for - 02 - bedsheetsexpress


You might already have a sleep pillow you use and you might be skeptical about getting a new one probably because you think it has a long lifespan or because you haven’t used it for too long. It is however important to note that your pillows could need change long before their lifespan is due if they don’t make you comfortable.

How do you know that it’s time for a change? Signs can typically include having constant headaches, your pillow looks discoloured and covered in stains, your pillow has gotten lumpy and uneven, you get allergies after each use, you have to adjust the pillow a couple of times during the night, or you now experience constant neck and head pains after use.

If you experience one or more of these signs regularly then that might be your pillow’s way of warning you that it’s time for a change.


Do you like firm pillows? Or do you prefer ‘soft as cloud’ pillows? You should consider what you prefer when pillow shopping. However, you should note that sometimes, your preference might not be the best choice for you so you should be ready to compromise for the sake of your comfort and health.

If you are a lover of firm pillows, you can consider going for a memory foam pillow. It is a firm pillow that still has flexibility that guarantees you comfort. If you will rather go for a soft pillow, you can consider a goose feather pillow or a bounce-back pillow. You should also note what you are allergic to so that you don’t go for a feather pillow if you are allergic to goose feathers.


Your pillow and mattress should work hand-in-hand to help you enjoy quality sleep. While deciding on what pillow to buy, consider how your mattress feels. If you use a soft mattress, you should consider going for a thinner pillow so your pillow doesn’t lift your head too far from your mattress as a soft mattress would mean your body sinks in easily. With a firmer mattress, opt for a fuller pillow.


Ask around to know which pillows are recommended. Know your medical history and work with that in mind. Understand the different types of pillow fillings, their properties, and how you react to them. Check to see if you can test out the pillow in-store before making a purchase. Carry out research to properly understand pillows before going out to buy.


Taking your time to completely understand what you want to go shopping for will help to ensure that you buy the right pillow and don’t end up with a pillow that aggravates your inability to achieve good sleep. Your pillow could be your best sleep buddy if you work on getting the right one for you.

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