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When it comes to shopping for bedding, we tend to just focus on buying “quality” mattresses, pillows, and bedspreads. We tend to leave out essentials that could help protect the quality of the bedding we are investing in.

When bedding shopping, it is important to remember that pillow protectors should be one part of your bedding collection you shouldn’t leave out. A pillow protector features a zipper you can use to enclose your pillows and protect them from common allergens.


Contribute to a healthy sleep environment

If you are aiming at constantly enjoying healthy sleep, investing in a pillow protector is one way to achieve this. Pillow protectors are meant to protect your pillows from dirt and this would, in turn, protect you from being exposed to any forms of sleep disruptors. Rather than dealing with chronic snoring, sneezing, and sniffling throughout the night, a pillow protector can give you the benefit of acting as an allergen barrier between you and your pillow.

One key to an allergen-free pillow

Investing in hypoallergenic pillows will sure help you enjoy an allergen-free sleep environment but a pillow protector will offer you an extra layer of protection. A pillow protector will protect your pillows from a buildup of dust mites, allergens, dust, sweat, drool, mildew, and other allergy triggers.

Provide extra comfort

Our pillow protectors are made out of 100% cotton making them thick enough to add an extra layer of comfort to your pillow. If you think your pillows are in need of a refresh and would rather not spend extra cash to get new pillows, you can invest in protectors to spice up their plushness.

Protection from wear and tear

Like most things, your pillows are prone to wear and tear with constant use. Wear and tear can have a negative impact on not just your pillows but on your health too. To protect your pillows from elements of wear and tear, shielding them in a pillow protector will go a long way.

A barrier from stains and spills

If you are one to eat in bed or fall asleep with your makeup on, you might be experienced with stains that can arise from spilling drinks and/or food or sweating your makeup onto your bed and pillows. A pillow protector will act as a barrier between this and your pillows. Pillows that look dirty due to stains don’t look pretty and your pillowcase can only do so much when it comes to covering the sight.

Prolong your pillow’s lifespan

Protecting your pillows from wear and tear with a pillow protector will help to ensure that you have to worry less about constantly changing your pillows. Pillows can have a long lifespan depending on their quality, however, how long they would actually last is still dependent on whether you use a pillow protector or not.

Also, using a pillow protector can help to reduce how often you have to wash your pillows. Continuous washing of your pillows is one factor that can quickly diminish the lifespan of your pillows.

benefits of a pillow protector - 02 - bedsheetsexpress


Protecting your pillows is essential for not just your pillows but for you too. With a pillow protector, you will protect your pillows, your sleep environment, and yourself.

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