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White Egyptian Fluffy Bathrobe

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Quick Overview

Product Details

This product contains only 1 fluffy bathrobe.


Product Features

Color: White

Condition: New

Delivery: Pick up at our office or we deliver to your location within 3 to 4 working days.

Material: 100% cotton

Texture: Very Soft

Maintenance: Easy to wash and dry. The colour does not fade.

Product Description

OVERVIEW – Luxurious Egyptian Fluffy Bathrobe that never fades no matter how many times you wash or Use it.

If you’re looking for a bathrobe that is soft, fluffy, light-weight and of high quality, then you’re exactly at the right place…

First, this fluffy bathrobe was carefully manufactured with the finest expertise you can think of. The material itself is Egyptian cotton, which is widely recognized as the best cotton in the world. As you put on this bathrobe after bathing, you will experience a feeling so great and comfortable that it feels like you’re being wrapped up in the cloud.

In addition to being able to absorb water off your body fast while giving you a comfortable feeling, this bathrobe was also manufactured with future use in mind. So whether you add a little bit of weight tomorrow, or you chose to lose 10 pounds instead, this bathrobe will still look wonderful on you. Yes, it fits regardless of your present or future size.

Furthermore, this bathrobe was designed in a way that makes it last longer. It is light-weight and will never strain your shoulder while putting it on. Also, its ideal length is exactly one you’ll love – it covers your kneels but doesn’t get anywhere close to your ankles so it doesn’t make you uncomfortable while walking.

Regardless of how many times you wash or use it, the colour doesn’t fade, neither does the material wear out. Years later, this bathrobe will look and feel exactly the same way it felt when you first got it.

We deliver to all states in Nigeria. So no matter where you are in Nigeria, distance shouldn’t stop you from enjoying absolute comfort with our Luxurious Egyptian fluffy robes.


  1. Can be used for relaxation…
  2. It is soft and gentle on your skin…
  3. It lasts long, color doesn’t fade…
  4. It absorbs water off your body Fast…
  5. Easy to Wash and Maintain



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