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Luxury Goose Feather Pillow

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Width: 16 1/2 inches
Length: 24 inches
Height: 6 inches


1 Pillow

  • Fillings: Goose FeatherComfort Level: SoftCover Care: Non-removable cover but washable at gentlest cycle using warm waterSuitable For: Suitable for a back, side or down sleeper.
  • Care InstructionsWash every 6 months.
    Machine wash on gentle setting.
    Use warm water and a little detergent.
    Rinse carefully to remove traces of detergent.
    Dry the pillows on a low-heat, gentle or delicate cycle for up to six hours
    or until the down is completely dry.

Product Description

Snuggle down to sleep with your head and neck firmly supported by these goose feather pillow. Perfect for side sleepers, these medium-firm pillows deliver the necessary softness for a good night’s sleep. Featuring quilted cotton covers with gusseted edges for added durability, this two-pillow set offers long-lasting use. It is known for aligning the spinal region of your body and offers comfort and support with a remarkable result.


Very soft.
Natural and organic.
Durable, moldable and suitable for all sleep positions.
Retains heat and is very useful during cold seasons.
Highly flexible.


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