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How To Wash Throw Pillows At Home


We all love clean homes. The fresh scent that hits us when we get in through the door welcomes us and makes us feel invigorated and welcome.

However, a clean home does not come by accident. It comes about intentionally, by paying attention to small items such as our decorative pieces. Throw pillows are one of them!

Throw Pillows have the tendency to suck in a lot of dirt and body oil and taking care of them can be a hassle.

We’ve got that handled with these tips and step-by-step guide on how to wash them

Some General tips;

  • Always check the washing instructions and if there is none, understand that Foam-filled throw pillows with cotton covers can be washed at home – with a washing machine as well while we recommend that throw pillows covered with delicate fabrics such as suede, wool or silk, or stuffed with down or feathers will need to be throw-pillowsdry-cleaned.
  • Also, note the nature of pillow filler before you commence. Solid foam pillow fillers will need to be soaked for a while in warm water and then rinsed until the water is clean and air dried. Putting the foam in a dryer is not recommended as it may destroy the foam shape. However, cleaning the cover and airing the pillow will be a great alternative if you are not sure of the nature of the filler.
    • To wash at home;
      You need the following – Sponge, a mild laundry detergent and a pre-wash spray (optional)
  • Remove the cover of the throw pillow (most are removable). Check for stains on the cover and treat it with the pre-wash spray by rubbing the spray into the stain and leaving to dry for a few minutes
  • Hand-wash the pillow case or the whole pillow with warm water and detergent or select the gentle-wash cycle to wash with a washing machine. However, you should wash the cover separately from the pillow.
  • Hang to dry completely in a well-ventilated area. Do not use the pillow while it is damp. Wet pillow stuffing can develop a musty odour if it is damp for too long.
  • Gently use your hand to fluff your pillow and shape it to fit into the pillow cover.

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