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How To Care For Your Pillow


Pillows are a part of bedding that many people love and there are many types to it; from memory foam pillows to feather pillows, and so much more. What’s common amongst all of these, is that a lot of people do not know how to take care of their pillows.

Some never take it out for some air or dry clean it. This makes the pillows to age before time and we definitely know that proper care of pillows can help you save some money.


So, these are some Pillow Care Points:

  1. Frequently air all pillows to remove body moisture that may have been absorbed during sleep.
  2. Check the care label on the pillow for cleaning instructions, as some are dry clean only.
  3. We recommend getting your pillows professionally cleaned, but if you decide to wash a pillow at home, ensure they are properly dried before use so it does not develop a long-term odour.
  4. Some pillows e.g. Memory pillows have removable zippered covers that can be washed in stead of the main pillow filling
  5. Pillows such as feather pillows have a tendency to develop an odour in periods of high humidity. A solution to it is to air it more regularly and to use linen sprays on it before covering with a pillow case
  6. A pillow protector can essentially elongate the lifespan and reduce your regular pillow cleaning span thereby saving you time

We wrote about pillow protectors here

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