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Five Things To Know About Bedding

5 Tips To Know About Bedding

One of the secrets that guarantee a great night’s sleep is your bedding, however,apart from the sheets themselves, some other factors come together to make your sleep time a relaxing time and we at Bedsheets Express know that.

So, we compiled five things you should know about bedding.

  1. Thread Count:

As much as a lot of packaged bedding comes with high thread marks stated on it, the quality of the thread is what matters most. The feel of the bedding should be soft, and our soft sheets are one of such that simply get better with time.

Thread count is a measure of the quality of a fabric, especially a bed sheet. The higher the thread count the more luxurious the sheet. Click To Tweet
  1. Protectors:

By this, we mean the Mattress and Pillow protectors. The protectors work by serving as a barrier to prevent dirt or dust on the pillow case or bed sheet from penetrating and settling into the pillow and mattress. If you have not already started using this, this may seem as a non-issue but when you take a moment to visualize cleaning your sheets and laying it on that mattress without protector that has absorbed some significant matter, it seems like you are dwelling in dirt all over.  However, having a protector helps to trap all that dirt that you can easily pull off and wash and continue to maintain that fresh cleanliness you love.

  1. Lifespan:

Bedding is not a lifelong product. However its lifespan also depends on factors such as: laundry care given to it, frequency of use, and quality of the bedding. We recommend you get fresh sheets when the fibre becomes weak or pilling starts on it.

  1. Colour Combination:

We recommend that you consider the tone you want to adopt in your room when buying that new bedding. The colour of your bedding when it is in consonance with the other colours you already have in your room helps in making your room visually stimulating and soothing for relaxation. Thankfully, at Bedsheets Express, we have diverse colours that you can choose from.

  1. Laundry Care:

This is important as it influences the lifespan of your bedding. We recommend that you wash your bedding with cold water and not hot water, as hot water can break down the fibres, making the sheets break down easily. Also, wash the sheets alone without adding any extra fabric especially coloured fabric. That way, you do not risk another clothing staining your bedding.

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