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The Five Kinds of Naps You Should Know


A nap is a short period of rest, usually taken between the hours of 9am and 9pm. This is different from sleep taken at night. They are often taken in response to drowsiness during the day time, although some people adopt it as a habit to supplement their shorter night sleeps or boost their productivity during the day.

There are types of naps; which are mostly distinguished by the length of time taken for it and you should really get to know about them!


Nano means ‘very small’ and a Nano-nap is a two to five minute nap. This is about the shortest nap anyone can take. It is usually taken by people that feel very sleepy and so involuntarily fall into the nap; however it has a great effect as it provides temporary relief from sleep once the person rouses from it.


These range from five to fifteen minutes. A lot of people that take mini-naps fall into it voluntarily unlike that of Nano-naps. It is good for increased alertness and motor performance.


This nap falls within the fifteen to thirty minutes range. This is ideal for most people and strongly recommended as people usually wake from it energized. A power nap can improve muscle memory and alertness thereby boosting productivity at work or school.


This is used to describe the short infrequent napping behaviour of babies and older people (usually around fifteen minutes). The name originates from the behaviour of cats. Cats sleep for lengthy hours usually between 12 to 16 hours. However, they also doze off in the sunlight despite these long hours of sleep


This Nap exceeds the 30 minute nap limit of power nap and ranges from 30-90 minutes. It allows one to reach the slow-wave REM sleep which means going through an entire sleep cycle. This is usually taken by people who are extremely tired and sleepy after been awake the previous night or for many days already. For such people, this nap gives their body and mind time to refresh and repair. However, for an individual not short on sleep, this may leave the person feeling groggy and tired on waking up.

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