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Different Ways To Say ‘I LOVE YOU’

different-ways-to-say-i-love-you‘I love you’ is probably the strongest sentence you can say to a person. It is telling a person I see all of your imperfections and they don’t matter. It is saying when I am with you the world stops. And because love is the essence of life, almost everyone can close their eyes and think of a person they are in love with. What many fail to realize is that love is an action word. It is doing and showing. It is not enough to just love a person, or say you love a person. What are the things you do to show your loved one that you see them? What are the ways you show love?

While I don’t claim to be a love expert, I can tell you that everyone loves a well thought of gift on a day they least expect to get one. You do not need to wait for Birthdays, Anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day to give your loved one a gift that could brighten their entire week. Most importantly, you do not need to spend a fortune.

Because we at Bedsheets Express care about your entire well-being, we have come up with different cost-effective special gifts for the special person in your life.


1. Personalized Towel

Not just any Towel, Bedsheets Express Towel. Our Towels are soft and do not leave threads. When you are thinking of buying a gift for your loved one, you should think of one that will stand the test of time and show that you hold them in high esteem. And our Towels tick all these boxes. Now, guess what? We could monogram a beautiful message on the Towel. Imagine your loved one seeing a Towel inscribed with a message like: ‘Always and forever, Bola’ or ‘I would hold your heart more tenderly than mine’ every morning? Nothing beats that.


2. Personalized Bathrobe

Is your loved one stylish? A monogrammed Bathrobe screams class and luxury. It’s the type of gift that leaves them wondering how you came up with such idea.


3. A Personalized Throw Pillow

Wouldn’t you love that special person in your life to wake up to a romantic message right on their bed? Our Throw Pillows will ensure that you are the first thing he/she thinks of every morning.


Like I said earlier, love that isn’t shown is deficient. You love someone? Show them!

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