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Seeing that we spend one-third of our life in bed, it means that we tend to spend a lot of time with our heads pressed to our pillows and one can’t begin to imagine how dirty they can get. It is imperative that you know to properly clean your pillows so you can’t get rid of dirt when they become dirty.

Your Memory Pillow, like all pillows, requires proper care to ensure that its longevity is assured. You need to understand how to take proper care of your memory foam pillow so you wouldn’t cause damages it to while cleaning. This article will help you know just how you should care for your memory foam pillow.

Before we dive in, here are a few rules to know about caring for memory foam pillows: you shouldn’t machine wash your memory foam pillow as this can damage your pillow’s makeup structure. You shouldn’t use a dryer on your memory pillow, this can cause heat damage. You should not scrub your pillow too roughly. With those out of the way, let’s go straight to how you should clean your memory foam pillows.


It is typically recommended that you wash your memory foam pillow at least once every two months. However, our Memory Foam Pillows come with easy-to-wash detachable covers that you can throw in the machine to clean at least weekly.

To wash your pillow, fill a large bowl/tub/sink with lukewarm water then add in a small amount of mild detergent. Avoid using harsh cleaning products as they can lead to chemical buildup and damage your pillow. Dunk in your pillow and gently squeeze to lather the soap then squeeze repeatedly to get rid of dirt. Keep doing this until your water is clear enough to indicate that your pillow is clean. Air dry your pillow outside or in a properly ventilated space.


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  • Read the instruction label that comes with your pillow.
  • Invest in pillow protectors to help minimize a buildup of dust and dirt on your pillows.
  • Vacuum your pillow’s surface at least once a week. This would help to remove hair, dead skin cells, and other foreign particles from the surface.
  • Change your pillowcases at least once every week. Not only will this help your pillows but it would also help you enjoy healthier sleep.
  • Clean spills immediately after they happen. This can be done with soapy water and a soft washcloth/sponge. Blot out the spill until there is no stain then tap the pillow with a dry towel until almost dry then leave to air dry outside.
  • For tough stains, you can add baking soda to your cleaning as this would help remove tough stains easier and better than detergent.
  • You can deodorize your pillow with baking soda and some essential oils (based on preference). Remove the pillow from its cover then sprinkle the baking soda all over it. Leave the pillow in the sun for about 2 to 3 hours then vacuum to remove the baking soda.
  • Memory Foam pillow cleaning is best done on a warm and sunny day so the drying process can be fast and thorough. You want to make sure that your pillow dries completely so there is no buildup of mold and mildew.


You can invest in a quality pillow but if you don’t appropriately care for it, you wouldn’t enjoy the quality it is designed to give you. Understanding your pillow type and how best to care for it is an important step in ensuring you get the most out of your pillows.



In the world of comfort and interior décor, throw pillows never do wrong as long as you know just how to work with them. Throw pillows are a cute, simple, and often inexpensive way to change up the look of your space in the easiest way possible. Understanding how to work with throw pillows and utilizing them just right can help you take any space from zero to a hundred as quickly as possible.

So what exactly should you know about throw pillows and how can you make them work for you? Read on to find out.


So the “throw” in throw pillows arise from the thinking that they are a piece of furniture that typically don’t come with the arrangement of any space, they are in fact basically tossed in as a means to add more to the look of a space.

Throw pillows are also referred to as decorative pillows. They are like mini pillows that are used for decorative purposes more than functional purposes. You should note that although throw pillows are majorly decorative in nature, they can serve functional purposes like providing comfort too. In fact, some people arrange throw pillows in their beds as a means to support their spine.


Aesthetic purposes: you can use throw pillows to beautify a space. You don’t have to be a professional interior designer before you can take advantage of throw pillows to add accent and depth to your space. You can select throw pillows for your space by drawing on the colours of your drapes, walls, sofas, and floor coverings.

Functional purposes: throw pillows can be used to boost comfort while sitting/lying on a sofa, lying in bed, or while on the floor. You can create a throw pillow arrangement that helps provide head, neck, and back support when you need them. For people with little children, you can take advantage of throw pillows to protect your children from hazards. You can have a throw pillow arrangement that keeps your child(ren) from falling over while they are sitting or while they are sleeping in bed.

All in all, throw pillows are pretty useful pieces in any space.


You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to take advantage of the beauty that throw pillows possess. Simply understanding basic simple decorating ideas can help make a difference. Here is a simple guide list you can follow when you want to make use of throw pillows:

Go for a mix of textures and patterns: throw pillows come in various patterns (plain, striped, plaid) and textures (cotton, silk, velvet), and choosing to go for a combination of textures and patterns is one pretty cool decorating idea. You can choose to stick to a combination of two sets of patterns and textures that work well with each other.

Pick a colour scheme and be consistent with it: As we’ve mentioned before, you can select your throw pillows using your surrounding as inspiration. That is, consider your drapes, walls, floor coverings, beddings, and so on. You don’t have to go for the same colours throughout, just ensure that you go for a colour scheme that blends. Pick a tone that blends and be consistent with it.

Go for a combination of sizes: choosing different sizes to work with will be naturally pleasing to the eyes. You can create a combination of large and small sizes and this would make your arrangement look more organized.

Don’t go overboard with the number of pillows: throw pillows are decorative but they are also meant to provide comfort. If they are too many in one location, they can be interfering with your comfort rather than providing comfort.


Throw pillows are one trend that has been going on for a pretty long time and a lot of people are taking advantage of them to create personality in their spaces.



With humans, stress is a given. From worrying about work to worrying about children and so many other things, we are stressed most parts of our lives. Due to this, we tend to find slices of relief in places and activities that we can.

One place that can be a haven and an avenue to let go of stress is our bedrooms. When set up properly, your bedroom can be the sanctuary you fall back on after a long day of worrying, working, and being stressed.

We have come up with a list of tips you can adopt to make your bedroom that place that helps you combat stress. Let’s dive into it;

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Apart from helping to reduce the chances of bacteria growing in your bedroom, letting in sunlight as much as you can have been proven to help improve your mental well-being. It is well known that exposure to sunlight during the day has a lot of health benefits and inculcating this idea into your sleep space helps to improve the quality of sleep you enjoy at night.

Get in more sunlight by opening windows in your bedroom or simply by going for a bedroom arrangement that would boost the level of natural light coming in. For instance, you can go for crisp white sheets or paint your bedroom in neutral calm colours or hang mirrors to help reflect and spread out lightning.

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Colours have been known to have an impact on various aspects of human lives, our mental health being one. They can evoke various emotions and feelings in us, thereby reducing or aggravating stress and anxiety. When deciding on a colour scheme for your bedroom, ensure you go for cooler and calmer colours like blue or green as they can help to create a serene sleep environment.


Bedroom clutter can create chaos in your mind and this would, in turn, affect how much sleep you would enjoy. For a space that is meant to be serene and relaxing, you have to ensure that your bedroom is free of clutter and furniture is arranged in ways that wouldn’t seem to choke.

Go for bedframes with extra storage spaces so you can conserve space, declutter your bedside table and go through your wardrobe to sort out things you don’t need anymore. These practices can help you create a clutter-free bedroom that’s serene and calming.

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Yes, you already have a luxurious and extremely comfy duvet quilt that keeps you cosy each night. You can, however, switch up your bedroom’s look with amazing seasonal duvet cover options. Not only will varying duvet covers add a bit of colour to your space, they would leave your bed feeling fresher.

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Travel to a space filled with tranquility with our range of luxurious home fragrances. Certain scents can help relieve stress, boost the mood, and help to improve sleep. Having welcoming scents around your home, especially in your bedroom, is one sure way to destress after a long day at work. Introduce a rich range of reed diffusers to your space or light a scented candle to enjoy warmth and lively fragrances.

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Your pillows can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep you get to enjoy. Investing in the right pillows can assure you premium sleep which will in turn relieve stress and help you feel energized enough to take on your day. If your sleep is suffering, now might be the right time to invest in new therapeutic pillows that are sure to help you enjoy quality sleep.


Your bedroom is meant to be a serene space that is a sleep haven for you at all times. Engaging in practices that help keep that space serene and comfortable is pretty important. You could consider other ideas like investing in blankets to keep you cosy each night, covering your windows with black-out curtains before going to bed so your sleep doesn’t get disrupted by sunrise, and decorating your space with potted plants to help with your mental well-being.



People tend to perceive playing as an activity that should be allowed after learning. Some parents typically try to curb playing in their children to the barest minimum. However, play in children is actually the most effective way to build their cognitive, social, physical and emotional well-being. Studies have shown how beneficial playing can be to children and youths.

Playing is so essential that it has been recognized as a right for children by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights. Despite the obvious benefits of play, a lot of people still do not associate playing with learning.

Here are some amazing ways that play can be beneficial to children:


When a child grows in an environment enriched in play, it provides a perfect ground for life experiences to be created and learnt from. Equipping children with sensory play and play materials will help their brains easily adapt to the concept of capturing information and processing it as a means to make decisions. This would in turn help to lay a solid foundation for the brain’s development.


It has been discovered that offering infants toys to play with can help to boost their IQ. Children who have been exposed to early playing are likely to exhibit higher intelligence later in life.


When children are allowed to play, especially free play, they are automatically exposed to an environment that requires them to use their imagination. With a very active imagination comes a very creative mind. Free play is an unstructured play that encourages children to come up with games of their own – this leads to pretend play where children are able to create pretend scenarios and navigate through them using their imagination. The freedom that comes with that allows for children to be more creative.


Playing can help children learn and practice new sounds with themselves or with playmates. They can try out new vocabulary and exercise their imagination through storytelling and oration. This would help to boost their literacy in ways that reading or studying a new skill might not be able to.


One of the most crucial benefits of play is the bond it can help to create between parents and their children. Parents who take out time to play with their children have been known to have a strong bond developed over time with them. Play encourages parents to communicate with their children to understand their preferences, when to intervene and when not to.


Children tend to be impulsive and often impatient; this can be seen in their urge to grab things out of others’ hands or a lack of impatience to wait their turn. However, exposing your child to play early is one way to help reduce impulsiveness and regulate their emotions. This is especially crucial for kids who are about to resume school. It can help to encourage a healthy relationship with other kids. Children who have been exposed to play have been known to exhibit a more sociable appearance and they easily liked by others.


The benefit of play to children’s physical and mental health cannot be overemphasized. When children engage in play that involves physical activities, it helps to promote resilience, motor skills, strength and endurance. Play is like an exercise for the brain and with the right exercises, a child’s mental health can be immensely improved.

Apart from being beneficial to children, play can help adults to remember what being children used to be like and this can help relieve stress and anxiety that comes with navigating adulthood. Encouraging play in children will help them learn and develop as smoothly as possible.

Playing is learning, playing is fun, playing teaches empathy and patience, playing is all around a moulding agent for a child.


Choosing the Right Pillow

There is nothing fun about tossing and turning all night. You wake up stressed and tired, while several things can cause restlessness, your pillow could be the main culprit. Bad pillows can hurt your neck and make you feel pains and aches.

Getting the perfect pillow can be a chore but we are here to give you tips to help you know the right pillow. By learning about the different pillow types for different sleepers, you can find a proper pillow for your sleeping style.



Back sleepers tend to spend the majority of their sleeping hours on their back. For this kind of sleepers, a thin pillow that won’t throw your head too far forward, putting stress on your neck is what you need. Memory pillow is the best choice, as it will mould to your neck’s curve, giving consistent support.


This is the most common sleeping position, a side sleeper sleeps on any of their side and for this sleeper A firm, a high pillow is best, as this will help keep their spine and neck aligned.

A bounce-back pillow is an amazing option for this sleeper. They may also benefit from sleeping with a pillow between your knees, as this can help to prevent pain in the lower back.


Stomach sleepers are the least common of the various sleeping types. These people sleep on their stomach. For front sleepers, a thin pillow is recommended. Memory pillow is the best option for the stomach sleepers. Consider tucking one under your stomach, too, to avoid lower back pain.


This kind of sleepers are peculiar, they toss and turn between positions. A feather pillow is a perfect pillow, it accommodates every and any kind of pillow. A feather pillow might not be ideal if you are allergic to feathers or poultry products. Another great option for this type of sleeper is the bounce back pillow, this will keep your neck and spine aligned.


The way you sleep is a great determinant as to what pillow type you should get. Click here to get the right pillow for you!

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