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In the world of comfort and interior décor, throw pillows never do wrong as long as you know just how to work with them. Throw pillows are a cute, simple, and often inexpensive way to change up the look of your space in the easiest way possible. Understanding how to work with throw pillows and utilizing them just right can help you take any space from zero to a hundred as quickly as possible.

So what exactly should you know about throw pillows and how can you make them work for you? Read on to find out.


So the “throw” in throw pillows arise from the thinking that they are a piece of furniture that typically don’t come with the arrangement of any space, they are in fact basically tossed in as a means to add more to the look of a space.

Throw pillows are also referred to as decorative pillows. They are like mini pillows that are used for decorative purposes more than functional purposes. You should note that although throw pillows are majorly decorative in nature, they can serve functional purposes like providing comfort too. In fact, some people arrange throw pillows in their beds as a means to support their spine.


Aesthetic purposes: you can use throw pillows to beautify a space. You don’t have to be a professional interior designer before you can take advantage of throw pillows to add accent and depth to your space. You can select throw pillows for your space by drawing on the colours of your drapes, walls, sofas, and floor coverings.

Functional purposes: throw pillows can be used to boost comfort while sitting/lying on a sofa, lying in bed, or while on the floor. You can create a throw pillow arrangement that helps provide head, neck, and back support when you need them. For people with little children, you can take advantage of throw pillows to protect your children from hazards. You can have a throw pillow arrangement that keeps your child(ren) from falling over while they are sitting or while they are sleeping in bed.

All in all, throw pillows are pretty useful pieces in any space.


You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to take advantage of the beauty that throw pillows possess. Simply understanding basic simple decorating ideas can help make a difference. Here is a simple guide list you can follow when you want to make use of throw pillows:

Go for a mix of textures and patterns: throw pillows come in various patterns (plain, striped, plaid) and textures (cotton, silk, velvet), and choosing to go for a combination of textures and patterns is one pretty cool decorating idea. You can choose to stick to a combination of two sets of patterns and textures that work well with each other.

Pick a colour scheme and be consistent with it: As we’ve mentioned before, you can select your throw pillows using your surrounding as inspiration. That is, consider your drapes, walls, floor coverings, beddings, and so on. You don’t have to go for the same colours throughout, just ensure that you go for a colour scheme that blends. Pick a tone that blends and be consistent with it.

Go for a combination of sizes: choosing different sizes to work with will be naturally pleasing to the eyes. You can create a combination of large and small sizes and this would make your arrangement look more organized.

Don’t go overboard with the number of pillows: throw pillows are decorative but they are also meant to provide comfort. If they are too many in one location, they can be interfering with your comfort rather than providing comfort.


Throw pillows are one trend that has been going on for a pretty long time and a lot of people are taking advantage of them to create personality in their spaces.



A light sleeper is one who wakes easily. As a light sleeper, your sleep is easily influenced and you would wake up as soon as there is a change in the environment: irrespective of how slight that change is. For instance, a light sleeper will easily wake up if there is a change in the odour of the bedroom or at the slightest sound.

Although being a light sleeper can have its perks: it would be more difficult for you to get attacked while you sleep and you obviously wouldn’t have problems hearing your alarm ring, it can also have its downside. In fact, the downside to being a light sleep is more disturbing than its perks.

Light sleepers typically find it difficult to attain a good night’s sleep. This is obviously because they wake up easily and hardly reach the deep stages of the sleep cycle. Being unable to enjoy a good night’s sleep for a long period of time can have adverse effects on a person’s health. From reducing productivity to increasing the chances of getting heart diseases, the effects that lack of quality sleep can have on a person is vast.


Unlike heavy sleepers who are rarely influenced by external stimuli while they are asleep, light sleepers are heavily influenced and this is why they wake up easily. Factors that influence how light sleepers respond to sleep disturbances can include but are not limited to:

  • Probable sleep disorders
  • Genetics
  • High level of anxiety
  • Lifestyle choices such as consuming too much caffeine, not taking naps during the day, etc
  • Brain wave activity during sleep.


Irrespective of what kind of sleeper you are: light or heavy, it is really important that you do not just get quality sleep but that you get enough of it. However, it might take extra efforts on the parts of light sleepers for them to achieve optimal sleep.

As a light sleeper that is finding it difficult to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you can opt for certain lifestyle changes, adopting a healthy bedroom lifestyle, or turning towards seeking medical help. Some healthy tips you can consider include:

  • Sticking to a consistent sleep routine. This means you have to make sure you wake up and go to bed at the same times consistently. This helps your body’s Circadian rhythm, which is more like the body’s sleep alarm system; it tells you when to sleep and when to be awake.
  • Ensuring you take short power naps during the day.
  • Getting enough exposure to sunlight during the day.
  • Adopting exercises into your daily routine.
  • Reducing your exposure to blue light especially when it is close to your bedtime. You can adopt keeping your electronic gadgets away, at least 1 hour before bedtime. Blue light messes up your circadian rhythm and could prevent you from being able to sleep quickly.
  • Reducing your intake of heavy meals, caffeine, sugary and spicy foods, dairy products, and alcohol during the night.
  • Take more water. However, reduce your intake of water the close you get to bedtime so that you would reduce your bathroom breaks during the night.
  • Maintain a comfortable sleep environment: dark bedroom, no noise, the right temperature, etc. You should consider investing in a mist diffuser. This would help you maintain moisture and consistent scent in your bedroom.
  • You should also consider a change of mattress, pillows, and beddings if they are not making you comfortable enough to sleep properly.


If being a light sleeper keeps interfering with your ability to enjoy a refreshing sleep at night, you should consider adopting habits that help to improve how you enjoy sleeping each night. Talking to your doctor to get advice on what could help is also not a bad idea.



With humans, stress is a given. From worrying about work to worrying about children and so many other things, we are stressed most parts of our lives. Due to this, we tend to find slices of relief in places and activities that we can.

One place that can be a haven and an avenue to let go of stress is our bedrooms. When set up properly, your bedroom can be the sanctuary you fall back on after a long day of worrying, working, and being stressed.

We have come up with a list of tips you can adopt to make your bedroom that place that helps you combat stress. Let’s dive into it;

reduce stress with these six bedroom tips - 05 - bedsheetsexpress


Apart from helping to reduce the chances of bacteria growing in your bedroom, letting in sunlight as much as you can have been proven to help improve your mental well-being. It is well known that exposure to sunlight during the day has a lot of health benefits and inculcating this idea into your sleep space helps to improve the quality of sleep you enjoy at night.

Get in more sunlight by opening windows in your bedroom or simply by going for a bedroom arrangement that would boost the level of natural light coming in. For instance, you can go for crisp white sheets or paint your bedroom in neutral calm colours or hang mirrors to help reflect and spread out lightning.

reduce stress with these six bedroom tips - 04 - bedsheetsexpress


Colours have been known to have an impact on various aspects of human lives, our mental health being one. They can evoke various emotions and feelings in us, thereby reducing or aggravating stress and anxiety. When deciding on a colour scheme for your bedroom, ensure you go for cooler and calmer colours like blue or green as they can help to create a serene sleep environment.


Bedroom clutter can create chaos in your mind and this would, in turn, affect how much sleep you would enjoy. For a space that is meant to be serene and relaxing, you have to ensure that your bedroom is free of clutter and furniture is arranged in ways that wouldn’t seem to choke.

Go for bedframes with extra storage spaces so you can conserve space, declutter your bedside table and go through your wardrobe to sort out things you don’t need anymore. These practices can help you create a clutter-free bedroom that’s serene and calming.

reduce stress with these six bedroom tips - 03 - bedsheetsexpress


Yes, you already have a luxurious and extremely comfy duvet quilt that keeps you cosy each night. You can, however, switch up your bedroom’s look with amazing seasonal duvet cover options. Not only will varying duvet covers add a bit of colour to your space, they would leave your bed feeling fresher.

reduce stress with these six bedroom tips - 02 - bedsheetsexpress


Travel to a space filled with tranquility with our range of luxurious home fragrances. Certain scents can help relieve stress, boost the mood, and help to improve sleep. Having welcoming scents around your home, especially in your bedroom, is one sure way to destress after a long day at work. Introduce a rich range of reed diffusers to your space or light a scented candle to enjoy warmth and lively fragrances.

reduce stress with these six bedroom tips - 01 - bedsheetsexpress


Your pillows can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep you get to enjoy. Investing in the right pillows can assure you premium sleep which will in turn relieve stress and help you feel energized enough to take on your day. If your sleep is suffering, now might be the right time to invest in new therapeutic pillows that are sure to help you enjoy quality sleep.


Your bedroom is meant to be a serene space that is a sleep haven for you at all times. Engaging in practices that help keep that space serene and comfortable is pretty important. You could consider other ideas like investing in blankets to keep you cosy each night, covering your windows with black-out curtains before going to bed so your sleep doesn’t get disrupted by sunrise, and decorating your space with potted plants to help with your mental well-being.

the dos and donts of creating a bedtime routine for your children - bedsheetsexpress


A bedtime routine is a set of repetitive and consistent activities done every night before bed, as a means to facilitate good sleep. With the right sleep routine, you can ensure that you enjoy quality sleep every night. In children, a set bedtime routine ensures that they are able to enjoy good sleep each night, thereby aiding their overall well-being.

It’s not enough to create a bedtime routine for your children, you have to ensure that you engage in the right practices that won’t sabotage the benefits that a bedtime routine is supposed to have. This is why understanding the dos and don’ts of engaging your children in a bedtime routine is important.


Do it consistently

The major idea behind a bedtime routine is consistency. You have to ensure that the selected activities are ones that your children engage in every night or as many nights as possible. This would help them become accustomed to it and help their body easily get used to the idea of the routine.

Have a daytime routine

Following a set routine during the daytime too will help to maintain a flow for the nightly routine. Practices like ensuring that your children get enough sunlight, engage in exercises, and have short naps in between activities during the day, can help to regulate their Circadian rhythm and enhance good sleep.

Have a set of bedtime hygiene rules

Engaging your children in some bedtime hygiene rules will help to ensure that they enjoy a goodnight’s rest. Turning off the bedroom lights or for children who are scared of the dark, switching to dim lights, maintaining a cool and clean bedroom, and ensuring that there is no unnecessary noise, are sleep hygiene rules that can help your children enjoy good sleep. On your own part as a parent, you also have to ensure that you follow set rules too. For instance, engaging in noisy activities after you have tucked your children in for the night is not beneficial to them as the noise can keep them awake.

Make it short

When creating a bedtime routine, you want to go for activities that are not time-consuming and would be easy to carry out even on nights when you are short on time. Also, making the bedtime routine short will help to ensure that your children have ample time to go to bed and enjoy a long night’s rest.

Listen to your child

Although you are ultimately in charge of creating a nightly routine for your children, it is important that you have a discussion with them to understand which activities work and which ones don’t. Listening to their concerns will help you know where to make changes and adopt new methods.


Don’t let them use electronic gadgets right before bed

Phones, televisions, and other electronic gadgets produce blue light and constant exposure to it can have an impact on a person’s sleep quality. You have to ensure that your children do not use electronic gadgets when it’s getting close to bedtime.

Don’t carry out the routine when they are already sleeping

If for any reason, your children go to sleep without engaging in their routine, let them continue sleeping. Waking them up can make them grumpy and make it difficult for them to get back to sleep. It is better to start out the routine before the child becomes drowsy.

Don’t let them eat caffeinated and sugary foods

Like with adults, certain foods can have effects on sleep in children too. Try to keep nighttime snacks to a minimum and if there will be snacks, make them as healthy as possible. Avoid snacks with caffeine as they can cause hyperactivity, sugary foods can also make children hyperactive and can cause cavities.

Don’t let them run around at night

Children have ample time during the day, to run around and burn off steam as much as they want. Letting them run around before bedtime will only work them into a frenzied state and keep them too hyperactive to sleep.

Don’t let them sleep in on weekends

It can be typically tempting to let your children take a break from their bedtime routine and let them go to bed later than the usual time, you should however note that this can lead to an imbalance that would make them find it difficult to return to the routine during weekdays.

Bedtime routines are important and with the right practices, they can be extremely beneficial to not just your children but to you too.



Reed diffusers are a great way to add scent to your space constantly.

One major advantage that reed diffusers have over other fragrance dispensing tools is that they don’t require too much attention when they have been put in place. They don’t require electricity like a humidifier and are not likely to cause a fire if unattended to, unlike a candle.

When placed in a room, reed diffusers can generally perform their functions with little to no actions required from you. However, as a means to make the most out of them, there are simple tips and tricks you can adopt. These tips can help you maximize their scents and improve their lifespan.

We have highlighted a couple of tips that can help;


You can place your reed diffuser in a high traffic area of the room, this would boost air circulation and help to ensure that the fragrance is dispersed around the space effectively. You can also consider placing your reed diffuser close to an entrance so you, as well as your guests, are greeted by the scent upon arrival.


To make the most out of your reed diffuser, you want to make sure you pick a bottle size that is equivalent to the space size of the room you want to place it in. Going for a smaller bottle in a big space would mean that enough fragrance won’t get diffused into the air. If you don’t want to opt for a bigger bottle, you can choose to go for multiple bottles instead and place them in different parts of the room.


Upon purchase, you can choose to divide your reeds and use them one set at a time. This would help you have spare reeds available to make a change of reeds when you deem fit. You should however note that this can affect the intensity of the fragrance being diffused into the room. Basically, the more the reeds, the stronger the scent.

However, for diffusers with mild scents, dividing or using less than the number of reeds that came along with it might not be advisable. In this instance, we will suggest you stick to using the total number of reeds that come in the pack.


Flipping the reeds of your diffuser is the most effective way to make the most out of your reed diffuser. Flipping the reeds will help to boost the diffusion of the fragrance into the air. Depending on the flipping instructions that come with your package, you can flip your reeds once every week or every other week. It is important to note that the more you flip your reeds, the more fragrance is diffused and the quicker your diffuser is exhausted.


When exposed to direct sunlight or high heat, fragrances evaporate faster and lose their potency. So placing your reed diffusers in an area where they can be exposed to sunlight is not so ideal.


When you purchase a reed diffuser, it is ideal to purchase a refill of the same fragrance especially if you like the scent. This means that when your diffuser gets exhausted, you can make a replacement with the refill instead of buying a new one. To get the most out of your diffuser, make sure you clean the bottle before filling it with the refill; this is more ideal than topping up old oil. Also, with a change of oil, ensure that you also change the reeds. Reeds tend to trap dirt and get clogged after constant use and this can cause more harm than good to you and your environment. Getting extra sets of reeds with your refill can be the best option.


With proper usage habits, reed diffusers can last for as long as 2 months and more, and this makes them an ideal option for when you want to have a constant supply of fragrance in your space. They can be a hassle-free and safe option for fragrances in your space. We have a diverse collection of diffusers you can browse here.

ways to bring the hotel experience to your home -06- bedsheets express


You don’t have to walk into a hotel before you can enjoy the experience that comes with lodging into your favorite hotel. With a tweak here and there, you can recreate a hotel experience that you wouldn’t need to break the bank for.

Indulging in creating a hotel-like experience in your home can be a way to relax and create a serene environment for yourself. Below are some ways to experience the suite life at home:


ways to bring the hotel experience to your home -03- bedsheets express

One of the most inviting features of most hotels is the decluttered rooms. It can be visually appealing to be in a room that doesn’t have unnecessary items lying around and taking up space. Apart from that, it can also have a calming effect on the mind. You can work on decluttering your room so as to give yourself that suite-like feeling. It is also an idea that makes space conservation easier.


ways to bring the hotel experience to your home -02- bedsheets express

Honestly, not a lot of things feel as good as fresh, soft, and fluffy sheets on a bed and that is one thing hotels are good at in abundance –fresh sheets. Investing in new sheets will not only help you enjoy the suite-like experience you are looking for but will also help your health. Dirty and worn sheets can have adverse effects on your sleep and health.


ways to bring the hotel experience to your home -01- bedsheets express

Another great thing about hotel rooms is the fluffy pillows they tend to stock up on. With fluffy, soft pillows and an arrangement that makes the bed as inviting as a hot beverage on a rainy day, your trip to la-la land can be a pretty smooth ride. You can choose to inculcate the pillow habits of your favourite hotel and bring in the much-needed suite life to your home.


ways to bring the hotel experience to your home -07- bedsheets express

When you create experiences that appeal to your senses, don’t forget how helpful your sense of smell can be. The power of smell is so strong that it can transport you anywhere without you leaving your room. With appealing and alluring scents, you can create a whole vacation vibe that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home without having to leave your room or spend a dime.


ways to bring the hotel experience to your home -04- bedsheets express

Why don’t you make your bathroom into your own spa and create a pampering environment to let go of pent-up stress? Invest in bathing essentials that you typically wouldn’t buy and since we are going for a suite-like experience, why don’t you recreate the scene using bathing essentials from a hotel you’ve once visited. A clean bathroom, collection of bathing essentials including bath salts, bubble bombs, and mosturisers, warm lighting, and music can create a harmony of hotel vibes. Want to take it up a notch? Why don’t you introduce a glass of your favourite champagne/wine to the scene?


ways to bring the hotel experience to your home -08- bedsheets express

Ever gotten comfy in a bathrobe and fluffy bath slippers? Doesn’t the feeling just give you hotel vibes? Introducing bathrobes and bath slippers to your comfort routine is one way to create a hotel-like experience for yourself at home.


ways to bring the hotel experience to your home -05- bedsheets express

You can create a private mini-bar by stocking up on munchies like chocolates, nuts, cookies, and even mini-sized fizzy drinks or spirits. Imagine eating all the munchies you want without having to worry about your hotel bill racking up the cost.

Bringing hotel-like experiences to your home doesn’t have to be a one-time routine. You can choose to make it a ritual that helps you spice up your environment, thereby helping your state of mind. You can choose to make minor changes around your home that are similar to the ones gotten from your favourite hotel suite. Get inspiration from hotel catalogues and gradually inculcate them into your home.

ramadan gift ideas for your muslim friends - 04 -bedsheetsexpress


The message behind Ramadan is centered on paying attention to the needs of those around us and making them happy. Fasting for a long period can be pretty tiring and finding ways to encourage your Muslim friends throughout this month is one way to show how much you care.

Giving gifts can be a way to show how thoughtful you are about the person who is receiving the gift. With gifts, you can let your Muslim friends know that you understand the significance of this month and that you care about them.

You can consider the following gift ideas if you are thinking about getting a gift to put a smile on someone’s face in this holy month:


ramadan gift ideas for your muslim friends - 03 -bedsheetsexpress

Muslims usually eat Sahur and Iftar meals as a means to commemorate the beginning and end of fasting respectively, each day during the month of Ramadan. Getting gift baskets filled with food items or fruits is a way to not only show that you care but also to encourage healthy eating in your friends. This gift idea is also one that can help to reduce the burden of spending a lot on food.


ramadan gift ideas for your muslim friends - 01 -bedsheetsexpress

The routine of Ramadan is starting and ending the day with prayers. It is a period where total devotion and supplication to the Almighty is observed. During this holy period, gifts like the Quran, supplication books, prayer books, Abayas, Tasbir, prayer rugs and so on, are gifts that would be deeply appreciated.


ramadan gift ideas for your muslim friends - 02 -bedsheetsexpress

The period of Ramadan is a period that adds lights to the lives of Muslims and those around them. Deciding to gift your Muslim friends a lamp or strings of fairy lights is a way to not just literally add light to their homes and inner selves, but to also show that you care. They can be a perfect gift idea for both kids and adults.


ramadan gift ideas for your muslim friends - 05 -bedsheetsexpress

Scented candles and diffusers are generally an incredible gift idea for any occasion. You can gift them to your Muslim friends so they can set them up in their homes and add to the vibrant Ramadan vibes in their homes. As an added advantage, you can go for aromatherapy candles or diffusers that not only have nice fragrances but are beneficial to the health too.

To be on the safe side, go for essential oil-based diffusers as Muslims tend to avoid anything alcoholic during the Ramadan month. If that doesn’t show how thoughtful you are, we don’t know what can.


ramadan gift ideas for your muslim friends - 07 -bedsheetsexpress

Not a lot of things spell comfort and luxury as greatly as bathrobes can. Gift your friends customised bathrobes that can have their names, logos or special Islamic inscriptions written on them. It would be your way of reminding them to take time to relax during Ramadan.


ramadan gift ideas for your muslim friends - 06 -bedsheetsexpress

Throw pillows can perform decorative functions. They can also be used to have a comfortable lounge in the home. Gifting your friends throw pillows during this period can help them spice up the home and add to the cheer of the holy month. You can also choose to have them customised to add a more personal feel.

Gifts can be a means to show your appreciation of people and their ways of living and gift ideas can be limitless. You can choose to go for gift ideas that would attend to the specific needs and wants of your friends. Irrespective of what you decide on, remember that it is important to gift them from your heart and with genuine love.


getting the most out of your bath routine - bedsheetsexpress - 08 - Copy


Having a bath is not just about going into the bathroom, washing down, and then stepping out again. It can be a pretty fun and relaxing ritual if you choose to make it so. Good baths can help get you relaxed not just for the day but also at night.

a. Clean up your bathroom

getting the most out of your bath routine - bedsheetsexpress - 07

It might seem like a chore but cleaning up your bathroom/bathtub before taking a bath can make a difference between a relaxing bath and a not so relaxing bath. You want to have a clutter-free and clean bathroom/bathtub as that can be appealing and help to enhance your sense of calmness.

b. Organize your bath essentials

getting the most out of your bath routine - bedsheetsexpress - 05

What kind of bath are you aiming for? Are you thinking of a refreshing and calm bath? What do you think can enhance the effect of the bath you are about to take? You should think of all these and have the essentials ready so you wouldn’t need to constantly leave your bathing space after you’ve started the bath.

Bath salts, bubble baths, essential oils, a glass of wine, scented candles, facial masks, towels, bathrobes, and so on are essentials that you can organize and have on standby before you start your bath.

c. Put up some music

getting the most out of your bath routine - bedsheetsexpress - 04

Music generally can have a very soothing effect on the human mind. Imagine playing relaxing music while you take a bath, the result can feel like bliss. A combination of good music with a refreshing bath can help you relieve a lot of pent-up stress, as well as, clear your mind for the night.

d. Do a scrub/exfoliate

getting the most out of your bath routine - bedsheetsexpress - 03

After a long and soothing bath, using a scrub or exfoliating will give your skin a supple feeling that would further enhance your mood and state of mind. Ensure you go for products that won’t irritate your skin, you are trying to relax, not get a trip to the hospital.

e. Mosturise, mosturise, mosturise

getting the most out of your bath routine - bedsheetsexpress - 06

Honestly, emphasizing the importance of mosturising after a bath is pretty important. When you take a bath, especially hot ones, the essential oils in your skin tend to wash off and this can leave your skin feeling dry and shriveled up. Mosturising immediately after your bath is one way to regain the lost oils. To get the most out of mosturising, don’t scrub the water off your body completely, so you can maintain a bit of moisture on your skin before lathering up a moisturizing product. The moisture from the water will help your mosturiser properly saturate into your skin.

f. Hydrate

getting the most out of your bath routine - bedsheetsexpress - 02

Taking a warm bath can be dehydrating for not just your skin, but for you in general. Surprised? Well, yes it does. Also, taking alcohol can leave you feeling dried, so you will need to replenish whatever liquid you lose from bathing. You should get a glass of cold water after you are done taking a bath. It will hydrate you and also help your skin. Adding a squeeze of lemon to your water can further boost hydration and also detoxify your body.

g. Get cosy in bed

getting the most out of your bath routine - bedsheetsexpress - 01

You’ve taken a bath, cleared your head, relieved stress, detoxified, hydrated, and mosturised your whole being. What more is left if not taking advantage and enjoying the benefits of all that process? Grab a fluffy bathrobe and lounge in your bed while you wait for your body to soak up all the goodies you just gave it. That can make sleeping easy peasy.

Making bath times more than just a necessity can have a lot of benefits. It can be a relaxing ritual that clears your mind, relieve stress, tension, and help you sleep better. If done properly, baths can have a healing effect on your body too.


little known ways to protect your bed from bed bugs


Bed Bug invasion can be the worst nightmare to wake up to. Getting rid of bed bugs can be an almost impossible task. When your home gets infested, it can take months to exterminate them. It’s best to focus on a preventive measure rather than a curative one.

We have listed a few steps to follow to keep Bed Bugs at bay.


Bed bugs can be difficult to locate, so it’s always best to know what they actually look like. Being able to spot them early will reduce the risk of a full-blown infestation.

Bed bugs are as small as seeds and are reddish-brown in colour. An easy way to know if bed bugs exist in your home is by examining bites. The bites of bed bug come in small swollen red marks that come in clusters, they are itchy and can give off a burning sensation. If you see these bites, you should seek professional help.

little known ways to protect your bed frombed bugs


A mattress protector is a great way to protect your mattress against dust mites, bacteria which attracts these pests. It can also remove hiding spots for bed bugs.

little known ways to protect your bed from bed bugs 3


Pet beds can serve as hiding spots for these pests. Regularly wash your pet beds and dry in the sun.

little known ways to protect your bed from bed bugs 6



Endeavour to vacuum your carpets, clean your floors and wash your mattresses

little known ways to protect your bed from bed bugs 4

What measures will you be using to protect your bed from bed bugs? We would love to know in the comments section.



Maintaining A Good Sleep Hygiene

We all know that good sleep is paramount to good health. Getting good sleep is beyond having a good mattress.

Sleep hygiene is the practice of good behavioural and environmental sleep habits that can help you get a better night’s sleep.  What you do during the day affects the quality of sleep you will get at night. Good sleep hygiene includes exercising and adopting a properly-balanced eating roster.

The Benefits of Good Sleep Hygiene

When the sleep is great, you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. Good health can help improve your overall health which includes mental, physical and emotional health.

Some other benefits include:

  • Sharper memory
  • Improved immune system
  • Enhanced muscle repair
  • Increased energy levels

The question now remains, how do we improve sleep hygiene? Here are some tips to help you improve your sleep hygiene.

Exercise Regularly

Get at least 15-30 mins of exercise daily, this can help you fall asleep faster. Beyond that, physical activity can help you decrease the number of times you wake up at night. It does not have to be tedious; the exercise can be as simple as jogging in the morning. It is important to avoid vigorous exercise one to two hours before bed because it can raise your heart rate making it more difficult to fall asleep.

Limit Daytime Sleep

While you can take naps between 5-20 minutes, when your nap is more than 20 minutes and occur multiple times a day, it can be detrimental to your sleep at night. Naps taken too late in the day can make it difficult to fall asleep at normal hours. Naps longer than 20 minutes can cause “sleep inertia,” which is the feeling of grogginess or disorientation after waking up. This feeling can last anywhere from two to four hours, making that nap feel like a big mistake.

Avoid Stimulants before Bedtime

If you are having issues sleeping, avoid coffee or alcohol during bedtime. Caffeine can make it difficult for you to fall asleep and can cause you to wake up several times during the night. Alcohol on the other hand can make you sleepy at first but you will find yourself waking up earlier than expected. It is best to avoid stimulants 4-6 hours before bed.

Create a Sleep-friendly Environment

Your bedroom should be a place that encourages you to sleep. It is best to create a comfortable sleep environment.  The best temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for adults. You can adjust the temperature to what feels best for you and your body, but colder temperatures are better for sleep.

Another factor to put in place is the light. The darker the room the better it is.

Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Having a regular sleep schedule is not just great for your health, it is also good for your overall health. Sleep irregularity can result in difficulty falling asleep, lower energy levels during the day, and stress. Having a consistent sleep schedule can help you stay on track; you can create one by setting your alarm clock to remind you when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to wake up.

Resist the Midnight Munchies

It’s easy to munch on something light before going to bed, this could sound sweet at the moment but it could affect your sleep quality and lead to weight gain, insomnia and sometimes nightmares. It is advisable to eat three or four hours before bedtime.

Think Positively

There is nothing fun about tossing and turning all night due to anxious thoughts. This type of anxiety can lead to an endless cycle of insufficient sleep. If you experience sleep anxiety regularly, try meditating before bed. Meditation can help you stay calm; it can improve your overall sleep quality.

You can try some Yoga; this will help you stay calm and sleep better.


Bad sleep hygiene is the practice of bad sleeping habits that affect one’s ability to have a good night sleep. Inadequate sleep hygiene is considered a sleep disorder that can be harmful to your health. Below are some examples of bad sleep hygiene:

  • Frequent naps during the day and into the night.
  • Exposure to inadequate lighting right before bed.
  • Going to bed and waking up at inconsistent times.

Poor sleep hygiene can lead to sleep deprivation, low energy level, trouble concentrating and frequent headaches.


Good sleep hygiene is beneficial to your health. The next time you wake up from a poor night’s sleep, evaluate your actions the day before. Did you snooze your alarm multiple times? Did you take frequent naps during the day? The best way to get a good night’s sleep will look different for everyone. Experiment with what sleep habits benefit you the most and find out what works for you.

It is also important that you have a good sleep environment, the day is stressful and we all rely on our bedroom to give us the right comfort. Make sure you have a mattress that aligns with your body to help you sleep well, a fluffy mattress and soft bedding to help you ease off the stress and enjoy a great night’s rest.

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