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Bedding is a general term that refer to all of the accessories used on a bed such as sheets, pillows, comforters and others.

There are all sorts of bedding with different names and functions, so sometimes, people get confused about certain Bedding terms. However, we decided to put together the definition of some bedding terms you are likely to come across. This will help you have a clearer picture of what you want to purchase next time you are making an order and will come in handy when conversations steer to bedding terms.

See them below!

Complete Bed set: A complete setnormally includes a bed sheet, fixed duvet (having the duvet cover sewn onto the duvet) or reversible duvet (having a duvet and duvet cover sewn separately) and pillowcases (the number depends on the bed size)

Coverlet: A coverlet is a lightweight, woven spread used on the top of the bedding. It can be big enough to hang down the sides of a bed or just cover the top of the mattress.


Duvet: Also known as a comforter; a duvet is a thick, quilted bedcover filled with man-made or natural fibres such as feathers. It covers the sides of the mattress and also the top but without it covering the pillows.


duvet-bedsheetsexpressDuvet cover: Also known as a comforter cover; Simply put, duvet cover is to duvet as a pillow case is to a pillow. The duvet cover is a decorative sack-like covering with three closed sides and one open side that fits over a duvet to give it a new look. The open end is usually closed by buttons, ties or a zipper.



Mattress Protector: A mattress protector is a padded fabric that fits over a mattress and is used under the bottom sheet. It protects the mattress and adds extra softness or padding to the bed.


Pillow Protector: A pillow protector is a fabric that fits over a pillow. It protects the pillow and is worn over it before a pillowcase is used to cover it.

Pillow Sham: Is a decorative pillow covering especially put in place when the pillow is not in use

Pillowcase:Is a functional pillow covering, sewn on three sides of it but open at one end for inserting and removing the pillow

Throw: A throw is usually about 50″ x 60″, is smaller than a standard blanket, and is used primarily as a decorative accent when draped over a sofa, chair or foot of a bed. Throws also provides warmth while relaxing.

throwpillow-bedsheetsexpressThrow pillow: Also known as a toss or accent pillow. A throw pillow is a small, decorative pillow placed on a chair, couch or bed.

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