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3 Reasons To Make Your Bed

There are two types of people on Earth; those who make their beds or get someone to do it and those who do not!
If you are in the first group, we are beaming big smiles at you! However, if you are in the second group, here are three reasons why you should make your bed.


It helps you rest better
Making your bed means you get to declutter your resting area and leave the bed to be just your sleeping sanctuary. Consistently making your bed and keeping other factors like overall bedroom cleanliness, minimal noise and optimal temperature constant helps you go to sleep on time and get better rest.

It is important for your health
Making your bed in the morning means that you keep dust mites and dirt at a minimal level. This is very important for anyone that has got allergies, that has got pets, eats in bed or sometimes goes to bed without a night bath (We all know it happens sometimes)


It contributes to your internal state of order
Constantly leaving your bed untidy could be a strong indicator of disorder in other areas of your life. The neat appearance of your bed and your bedroom matters and paying attention to such detail that is considered small will go some way in signalling your level of balance, growth and internal state of order.

Coming home to a well-made bed provides a sort of encouragement and relief.

And finally, ending with this solid words Admiral William H. McRaven said in his commencement speech, at University of Texas,

If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.”

His logic: You can’t do the big stuff right if you can’t do the little stuff right.

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