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In the world of comfort and interior décor, throw pillows never do wrong as long as you know just how to work with them. Throw pillows are a cute, simple, and often inexpensive way to change up the look of your space in the easiest way possible. Understanding how to work with throw pillows and utilizing them just right can help you take any space from zero to a hundred as quickly as possible.

So what exactly should you know about throw pillows and how can you make them work for you? Read on to find out.


So the “throw” in throw pillows arise from the thinking that they are a piece of furniture that typically don’t come with the arrangement of any space, they are in fact basically tossed in as a means to add more to the look of a space.

Throw pillows are also referred to as decorative pillows. They are like mini pillows that are used for decorative purposes more than functional purposes. You should note that although throw pillows are majorly decorative in nature, they can serve functional purposes like providing comfort too. In fact, some people arrange throw pillows in their beds as a means to support their spine.


Aesthetic purposes: you can use throw pillows to beautify a space. You don’t have to be a professional interior designer before you can take advantage of throw pillows to add accent and depth to your space. You can select throw pillows for your space by drawing on the colours of your drapes, walls, sofas, and floor coverings.

Functional purposes: throw pillows can be used to boost comfort while sitting/lying on a sofa, lying in bed, or while on the floor. You can create a throw pillow arrangement that helps provide head, neck, and back support when you need them. For people with little children, you can take advantage of throw pillows to protect your children from hazards. You can have a throw pillow arrangement that keeps your child(ren) from falling over while they are sitting or while they are sleeping in bed.

All in all, throw pillows are pretty useful pieces in any space.


You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to take advantage of the beauty that throw pillows possess. Simply understanding basic simple decorating ideas can help make a difference. Here is a simple guide list you can follow when you want to make use of throw pillows:

Go for a mix of textures and patterns: throw pillows come in various patterns (plain, striped, plaid) and textures (cotton, silk, velvet), and choosing to go for a combination of textures and patterns is one pretty cool decorating idea. You can choose to stick to a combination of two sets of patterns and textures that work well with each other.

Pick a colour scheme and be consistent with it: As we’ve mentioned before, you can select your throw pillows using your surrounding as inspiration. That is, consider your drapes, walls, floor coverings, beddings, and so on. You don’t have to go for the same colours throughout, just ensure that you go for a colour scheme that blends. Pick a tone that blends and be consistent with it.

Go for a combination of sizes: choosing different sizes to work with will be naturally pleasing to the eyes. You can create a combination of large and small sizes and this would make your arrangement look more organized.

Don’t go overboard with the number of pillows: throw pillows are decorative but they are also meant to provide comfort. If they are too many in one location, they can be interfering with your comfort rather than providing comfort.


Throw pillows are one trend that has been going on for a pretty long time and a lot of people are taking advantage of them to create personality in their spaces.

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