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The message behind Ramadan is centered on paying attention to the needs of those around us and making them happy. Fasting for a long period can be pretty tiring and finding ways to encourage your Muslim friends throughout this month is one way to show how much you care.

Giving gifts can be a way to show how thoughtful you are about the person who is receiving the gift. With gifts, you can let your Muslim friends know that you understand the significance of this month and that you care about them.

You can consider the following gift ideas if you are thinking about getting a gift to put a smile on someone’s face in this holy month:


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Muslims usually eat Sahur and Iftar meals as a means to commemorate the beginning and end of fasting respectively, each day during the month of Ramadan. Getting gift baskets filled with food items or fruits is a way to not only show that you care but also to encourage healthy eating in your friends. This gift idea is also one that can help to reduce the burden of spending a lot on food.


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The routine of Ramadan is starting and ending the day with prayers. It is a period where total devotion and supplication to the Almighty is observed. During this holy period, gifts like the Quran, supplication books, prayer books, Abayas, Tasbir, prayer rugs and so on, are gifts that would be deeply appreciated.


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The period of Ramadan is a period that adds lights to the lives of Muslims and those around them. Deciding to gift your Muslim friends a lamp or strings of fairy lights is a way to not just literally add light to their homes and inner selves, but to also show that you care. They can be a perfect gift idea for both kids and adults.


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Scented candles and diffusers are generally an incredible gift idea for any occasion. You can gift them to your Muslim friends so they can set them up in their homes and add to the vibrant Ramadan vibes in their homes. As an added advantage, you can go for aromatherapy candles or diffusers that not only have nice fragrances but are beneficial to the health too.

To be on the safe side, go for essential oil-based diffusers as Muslims tend to avoid anything alcoholic during the Ramadan month. If that doesn’t show how thoughtful you are, we don’t know what can.


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Not a lot of things spell comfort and luxury as greatly as bathrobes can. Gift your friends customised bathrobes that can have their names, logos or special Islamic inscriptions written on them. It would be your way of reminding them to take time to relax during Ramadan.


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Throw pillows can perform decorative functions. They can also be used to have a comfortable lounge in the home. Gifting your friends throw pillows during this period can help them spice up the home and add to the cheer of the holy month. You can also choose to have them customised to add a more personal feel.

Gifts can be a means to show your appreciation of people and their ways of living and gift ideas can be limitless. You can choose to go for gift ideas that would attend to the specific needs and wants of your friends. Irrespective of what you decide on, remember that it is important to gift them from your heart and with genuine love.


getting the most out of your bath routine - bedsheetsexpress - 08 - Copy


Having a bath is not just about going into the bathroom, washing down, and then stepping out again. It can be a pretty fun and relaxing ritual if you choose to make it so. Good baths can help get you relaxed not just for the day but also at night.

a. Clean up your bathroom

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It might seem like a chore but cleaning up your bathroom/bathtub before taking a bath can make a difference between a relaxing bath and a not so relaxing bath. You want to have a clutter-free and clean bathroom/bathtub as that can be appealing and help to enhance your sense of calmness.

b. Organize your bath essentials

getting the most out of your bath routine - bedsheetsexpress - 05

What kind of bath are you aiming for? Are you thinking of a refreshing and calm bath? What do you think can enhance the effect of the bath you are about to take? You should think of all these and have the essentials ready so you wouldn’t need to constantly leave your bathing space after you’ve started the bath.

Bath salts, bubble baths, essential oils, a glass of wine, scented candles, facial masks, towels, bathrobes, and so on are essentials that you can organize and have on standby before you start your bath.

c. Put up some music

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Music generally can have a very soothing effect on the human mind. Imagine playing relaxing music while you take a bath, the result can feel like bliss. A combination of good music with a refreshing bath can help you relieve a lot of pent-up stress, as well as, clear your mind for the night.

d. Do a scrub/exfoliate

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After a long and soothing bath, using a scrub or exfoliating will give your skin a supple feeling that would further enhance your mood and state of mind. Ensure you go for products that won’t irritate your skin, you are trying to relax, not get a trip to the hospital.

e. Mosturise, mosturise, mosturise

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Honestly, emphasizing the importance of mosturising after a bath is pretty important. When you take a bath, especially hot ones, the essential oils in your skin tend to wash off and this can leave your skin feeling dry and shriveled up. Mosturising immediately after your bath is one way to regain the lost oils. To get the most out of mosturising, don’t scrub the water off your body completely, so you can maintain a bit of moisture on your skin before lathering up a moisturizing product. The moisture from the water will help your mosturiser properly saturate into your skin.

f. Hydrate

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Taking a warm bath can be dehydrating for not just your skin, but for you in general. Surprised? Well, yes it does. Also, taking alcohol can leave you feeling dried, so you will need to replenish whatever liquid you lose from bathing. You should get a glass of cold water after you are done taking a bath. It will hydrate you and also help your skin. Adding a squeeze of lemon to your water can further boost hydration and also detoxify your body.

g. Get cosy in bed

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You’ve taken a bath, cleared your head, relieved stress, detoxified, hydrated, and mosturised your whole being. What more is left if not taking advantage and enjoying the benefits of all that process? Grab a fluffy bathrobe and lounge in your bed while you wait for your body to soak up all the goodies you just gave it. That can make sleeping easy peasy.

Making bath times more than just a necessity can have a lot of benefits. It can be a relaxing ritual that clears your mind, relieve stress, tension, and help you sleep better. If done properly, baths can have a healing effect on your body too.


bedroom hygiene blunders you need to work on - easter break - 08 - esoraeluxury


We know you would rather laze around all day during the Easter break; you would want to catch up on all the rest you can get. However, we are advocating for you to instead take the time to work on some bedroom blunders you might have been committing.

bedroom hygiene blunders you need to work on - easter break - 01 - esoraeluxury


It is not enough to have quality bedding. It is important to maintain your bedding correctly, and proper maintenance includes washing your bedding at the right temperature. Because we often spend a lot of time in bed, our bedding can get dirty from an accumulation of sweat, dead skin cells, and dust. Your bedding should be washed at a pretty high temperature, preferably at 60 degrees, to properly kill any germs and/or bugs that might be stuck to them.

bedroom hygiene blunders you need to work on - easter break - 02 - esoraeluxury


Easter break will be a period you will be extremely tempted to have all meals in bed. However, you should note that having a meal or snack in bed would mean having crumbs left on the bed after you are done eating. These crumbs could accumulate and begin breeding bacteria on your bedding. If it’s a daily habit, you should try to quit that habit and also educate your kids on why it is wrong to eat in bed.

bedroom hygiene blunders you need to work on - easter break - 03 - esoraeluxury


It is recommended that you wash your bedding every week. This is so that you can get rid of whatever dust mites might have accumulated on your beddings throughout the week. Washing your bedding regularly will help you prevent allergies and skin conditions.

bedroom hygiene blunders you need to work on - easter break - 04 - esoraeluxury


A lot of people often forget that the mattress also needs to be taken care of. You should have your mattress dusted as often as possible, aired regularly, and washed occasionally. This would help to get rid of germs that might accumulate and cause allergies.

bedroom hygiene blunders you need to work on - easter break - 05 - esoraeluxury


A lot of people make the mistake of arranging their beds before cleaning their rooms because it seems like a logical sequence of arrangements.  However, stripping your bed after you have dusted your room would help you dust out any dust that could be raised and spread onto the bed while you were dusting the room.

bedroom hygiene blunders you need to work on - easter break - 06 - esoraeluxury


Pets can be pretty cute and resisting cuddling them can be a chore but we strongly advise that you don’t do any cuddling on your bed. Pets shed and tend to attract bugs and cuddling them in your bed can mean getting the shedding and/or bugs on your bed.  This is a recipe for a build-up of bacteria that are harmful to you.

bedroom hygiene blunders you need to work on - easter break - 07 - esoraeluxury


It is important to maintain proper ventilation in your bedroom. It not only does good for your respiration, but it also helps to avoid a build-up of mould and unpleasant odours in your room. Even with an air conditioning unit installed in your bedroom, you should make sure that you sometimes open up the windows to let in the fresh air.

These blunders have effects on your health and your quality of sleep so working on rectifying them is important. You can take advantage of the Easter break to work on them and develop new bedroom habits.


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