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7 Bathroom Pet-Peeves to Avoid At All Costs

Sharing a bathroom can be frustrating because it is the most personal and one of the most used rooms in the house. We would like to share with you some bathroom pet-peeves that you should definitely avoid if you share your bathroom with anyone, if you’re visiting anyone or if you plan on having people over at your place.

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Not replacing the toilet roll: We’ve all been there when we rush in to use the toilet and there isn’t any toilet roll available, which inevitably leads to a call or walk of shame to retrieve toilet paper. Don’t be that person, the silent rule states that he who finishes the toilet paper gets to replace it immediately.

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Clothing and Towels being left on the floor: Because the bathroom is the busiest room in the house, keeping things on the floor heavily inconveniences the next person. Even worse is if the clothes on the floor are dirty (which most likely it is) it ends up stinking up the entire space. Let’s also keep in mind that bathrooms are some of the smallest spaces in the house so cleanliness is paramount.

Not Flushing the toilet: No one appreciates stepping into the bathroom and finding it unclean, let alone seeing someone’s gift left unflushed. It’s uncouth and if left for too long ends up stinking up the entire house.

Leaving personal items scattered over the countertop: Makeup, shaving accessories, deodorants, hair bands and hairbrushes can become very messy when not put in an orderly manner. And products like makeup and such end up leaving marks on the counter that dirty up the place.

Wet Towels in the bathroom: Wet towels left in the bathroom end up forming molds. It’s important your towels are left out to air dry or are thrown in the drying machine.

Bathroom Hoggers: Don’t stay in the bathroom for too long by being on the phone or taking all the time in the world when others are waiting to use it. It’s especially important if you have roommates and you share the same bathroom, stay clear of hogging the bathroom during peak periods like mornings or right after work.

Littering your hair: No one, I repeat, no one likes seeing hair littered all over the place. Pick up after yourself and ensure your hair isn’t lying around.

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The bathroom is a very important room in the house and because it’s such a personal space, it is expected that it is left clean at all times. Don’t be the person that makes other people uncomfortable or even unable to use the bathroom. Avoiding these pet-peeves helps keep sanity in the area.


Tips On How To Plan Your Time Efficiently

At Bedsheets Express we are advocates of living more efficient lives, this is why we pride ourselves in becoming well-groomed sleep experts, providing you with the comfort necessary to live a fully productive life.

Effective time management elevates your productivity in work and elsewhere and ensures that you get tasks done on time. Time management is effectively vital for progress. We have found that these below tips work well for the Bedsheets Express team and we hope they work well for you too.

Do the most important task first: The most important tasks seem the most daunting. These difficult tasks are very easy to procrastinate and put off until there just isn’t enough time to get them done. This in return induces anxiety in your life and makes you less efficient. You must forgo procrastination by doing the big tasks first.

Get an early start:  Creating a to-do-list or reviewing the tasks that need to be done a day prior gives you a head start for the day so as to ensure you hit the ground running. It also relieves some stress off you when your new day starts. Sometimes, I like to get one task done a previous day early so I feel accomplished at the start of the day and I feel like I have one less thing off my plate.

Don’t allow unimportant details to drag on: Leave perfectionism at the door. There is a saying that the fear of failure and ridicule hides in perfectionism. It is better to get a draft done than to not have it done at all and magically expect a perfect finished product.

Delegate a time limit in which to complete a task: Set a time frame to a task and see that you stick to it. Parkinson’s Law states, “Work expands to fill the time available for its competition.” So that is to say that whatever deadline you set for yourself is usually the time it takes to get a task done. So rather than wait for your boss or life to set a timer for you, just get it done yourself.

Get a good night’s sleep: This one might seem so simple but it is an effective tool to getting your work done well. You want to be as well-rested as possible before you tackle the day ahead. Good bedding is an essential part of getting a good night’s sleep.  Bedsheets Express provides 100% organic Egyptian cotton sheets to enable you have an amazing comfort while you sleep.

We hope that these tips have been valuable to you and that you become more productive because of it. Let us know in the comment section tips that help you manage your time better and become more efficient.

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