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Duvet And Duvet Cover: What's The Difference?


A duvet is a type of bedding that is in form of a soft flat bag usually filled with material of feathers, wool, or a synthetic alternative. It can come in many colors although the most popular colour is white. Its casing also defers, however it is best advised to go with cotton casings.


What is a Duvet Cover?

The Duvet Cover is a soft, removable, protective bag that encases the duvet and has a closure.It can serve as a decorative cover, while also shielding your duvet from dirt, body oil and other things that may soil it. Simply think of a Duvet Cover for a Duvet the same way as Pillow case for a Pillow. Duvet covers are easy to wash and make bedroom styling a breeze!

fitting duvet cover to duvet[img src: WikiHow]

Duvet is to duvet cover as pillow is to pillowcase. With duvet covers, you can also quickly and easily change the look of your bed and room without having to completely redecorate.The duvet cover also allows you to change your style or color choice of your bedding with the simple switch of the cover. This allows for easy changes from season to season.

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How To Care For Your Pillow


Pillows are a part of bedding that many people love and there are many types to it; from memory foam pillows to feather pillows, and so much more. What’s common amongst all of these, is that a lot of people do not know how to take care of their pillows.

Some never take it out for some air or dry clean it. This makes the pillows to age before time and we definitely know that proper care of pillows can help you save some money.


So, these are some Pillow Care Points:

  1. Frequently air all pillows to remove body moisture that may have been absorbed during sleep.
  2. Check the care label on the pillow for cleaning instructions, as some are dry clean only.
  3. We recommend getting your pillows professionally cleaned, but if you decide to wash a pillow at home, ensure they are properly dried before use so it does not develop a long-term odour.
  4. Some pillows e.g. Memory pillows have removable zippered covers that can be washed in stead of the main pillow filling
  5. Pillows such as feather pillows have a tendency to develop an odour in periods of high humidity. A solution to it is to air it more regularly and to use linen sprays on it before covering with a pillow case
  6. A pillow protector can essentially elongate the lifespan and reduce your regular pillow cleaning span thereby saving you time

We wrote about pillow protectors here

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The Five Kinds of Naps You Should Know


A nap is a short period of rest, usually taken between the hours of 9am and 9pm. This is different from sleep taken at night. They are often taken in response to drowsiness during the day time, although some people adopt it as a habit to supplement their shorter night sleeps or boost their productivity during the day.

There are types of naps; which are mostly distinguished by the length of time taken for it and you should really get to know about them!


Nano means ‘very small’ and a Nano-nap is a two to five minute nap. This is about the shortest nap anyone can take. It is usually taken by people that feel very sleepy and so involuntarily fall into the nap; however it has a great effect as it provides temporary relief from sleep once the person rouses from it.


These range from five to fifteen minutes. A lot of people that take mini-naps fall into it voluntarily unlike that of Nano-naps. It is good for increased alertness and motor performance.


This nap falls within the fifteen to thirty minutes range. This is ideal for most people and strongly recommended as people usually wake from it energized. A power nap can improve muscle memory and alertness thereby boosting productivity at work or school.


This is used to describe the short infrequent napping behaviour of babies and older people (usually around fifteen minutes). The name originates from the behaviour of cats. Cats sleep for lengthy hours usually between 12 to 16 hours. However, they also doze off in the sunlight despite these long hours of sleep


This Nap exceeds the 30 minute nap limit of power nap and ranges from 30-90 minutes. It allows one to reach the slow-wave REM sleep which means going through an entire sleep cycle. This is usually taken by people who are extremely tired and sleepy after been awake the previous night or for many days already. For such people, this nap gives their body and mind time to refresh and repair. However, for an individual not short on sleep, this may leave the person feeling groggy and tired on waking up.


Why You Should Use Protectors


You may have seen a mattress or pillow protector without knowing what it is used for or you have heard of it and wondered why you should get one. As the Bedding Company that cares, we whipped this up so you can understand what it is about.

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So this is what a protector does;

General protection for your mattress and pillow

This includes protection from dust mites, stains, and especially moisture- as the moisture is what attracts dust mites and lead to stains. This moisture could be the one your body loses during sleep, or that little spill on the bed when you decide to spoil yourself and have breakfast in bed. When you think about it in short term, it would seem as though it does not matter but steady deposits of such moisture can build up to a point where harmful microbes will be in surplus with a funny scent from the mattress and yellowing of pillows. However, with protectors you can be assured such moisture does not build up as you can easily pull it off and launder from time to time.


Extends the lifespan of your pillow and mattress

At least from the first point, you can understand how protectors work to elongate your use of pillows and mattress. Unprotected pillows are a potential breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. With time, this gives the pillows a strange kind of weight and a new color – Yellow. However, with reduced contact with bacteria, your mattress and pillows will last longer.

Contributes to reduced acne breakouts


Surprised? This is how it works. Acne usually results from oily pillowcases. You put your face so much on these pillow cases without regularly cleaning them and they keep breaking out. Now, if you improve your cleaning routine and wash your pillow cases frequently (and not buy a new pillow), the oil that the pillow has absorbed over a time can still seep up to that pillow case and the cycle continues. Getting a pillow protector (and sometimes a new pillow) can reduce all that. You will notice that the protector serves as a barrier for oil to pass through it on to your pillow case.

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5 Tips To Help You Sleep Better


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  • Have a consistent sleep time

Sleep experts recommend having a consistent time for sleeping and waking every day. This sets a regular sleep-wake rhythm for your body and prevents you from feeling groggy when you wake up. You can create a consistent sleep time by setting reminders and planning your activities to not exceed your scheduled sleep time.


  • Check what’s on your dinner menu

Ideally, it is recommended that you do not have dinner beyond 7 pm. However, heavy food and beverages like caffeine have a tendency of making you feel too heavy and can alter your sleep pattern. Ingesting a lot of liquid a few hours before bedtime can also disrupt your sleep time by inducing you to visit the rest room all through the night. Focus on eating right and light!

  • Mentally prepare for sleep

Mental preparation of sleep is what you achieve when you look forward to bed time rather than worry on if you would experience difficulty falling asleep as you may have in the time past. Attempt to get your mind better relaxed by engaging in activities that are relaxing such as great time with family and not activities that induce stress or great energy exertion.

  • De-clutter your bedroom

Reserve your sleeping space for just sleep alone. Bringing work to the bedroom or having a lot on your bed can affect your sleep pattern. Also, as much as television in the bedroom aid in relaxation, eliminate exposure to news that usually have stressful topics or disturbing content.

  • Invest in quality bedding

This matters a lot as it is what you have to actually lay on to sleep. Invest in luxury bedding such as Bedsheets Express’ offers and also pay attention to the laundry care of it so the fibres will not wear out before time. laundry-bedsheet


How To Wash Throw Pillows At Home


We all love clean homes. The fresh scent that hits us when we get in through the door welcomes us and makes us feel invigorated and welcome.

However, a clean home does not come by accident. It comes about intentionally, by paying attention to small items such as our decorative pieces. Throw pillows are one of them!

Throw Pillows have the tendency to suck in a lot of dirt and body oil and taking care of them can be a hassle.

We’ve got that handled with these tips and step-by-step guide on how to wash them

Some General tips;

  • Always check the washing instructions and if there is none, understand that Foam-filled throw pillows with cotton covers can be washed at home – with a washing machine as well while we recommend that throw pillows covered with delicate fabrics such as suede, wool or silk, or stuffed with down or feathers will need to be throw-pillowsdry-cleaned.
  • Also, note the nature of pillow filler before you commence. Solid foam pillow fillers will need to be soaked for a while in warm water and then rinsed until the water is clean and air dried. Putting the foam in a dryer is not recommended as it may destroy the foam shape. However, cleaning the cover and airing the pillow will be a great alternative if you are not sure of the nature of the filler.
    • To wash at home;
      You need the following – Sponge, a mild laundry detergent and a pre-wash spray (optional)
  • Remove the cover of the throw pillow (most are removable). Check for stains on the cover and treat it with the pre-wash spray by rubbing the spray into the stain and leaving to dry for a few minutes
  • Hand-wash the pillow case or the whole pillow with warm water and detergent or select the gentle-wash cycle to wash with a washing machine. However, you should wash the cover separately from the pillow.
  • Hang to dry completely in a well-ventilated area. Do not use the pillow while it is damp. Wet pillow stuffing can develop a musty odour if it is damp for too long.
  • Gently use your hand to fluff your pillow and shape it to fit into the pillow cover.

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3 Reasons To Make Your Bed

There are two types of people on Earth; those who make their beds or get someone to do it and those who do not!
If you are in the first group, we are beaming big smiles at you! However, if you are in the second group, here are three reasons why you should make your bed.


It helps you rest better
Making your bed means you get to declutter your resting area and leave the bed to be just your sleeping sanctuary. Consistently making your bed and keeping other factors like overall bedroom cleanliness, minimal noise and optimal temperature constant helps you go to sleep on time and get better rest.

It is important for your health
Making your bed in the morning means that you keep dust mites and dirt at a minimal level. This is very important for anyone that has got allergies, that has got pets, eats in bed or sometimes goes to bed without a night bath (We all know it happens sometimes)


It contributes to your internal state of order
Constantly leaving your bed untidy could be a strong indicator of disorder in other areas of your life. The neat appearance of your bed and your bedroom matters and paying attention to such detail that is considered small will go some way in signalling your level of balance, growth and internal state of order.

Coming home to a well-made bed provides a sort of encouragement and relief.

And finally, ending with this solid words Admiral William H. McRaven said in his commencement speech, at University of Texas,

If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.”

His logic: You can’t do the big stuff right if you can’t do the little stuff right.


Five Things To Know About Bedding

5 Tips To Know About Bedding

One of the secrets that guarantee a great night’s sleep is your bedding, however,apart from the sheets themselves, some other factors come together to make your sleep time a relaxing time and we at Bedsheets Express know that.

So, we compiled five things you should know about bedding.

  1. Thread Count:

As much as a lot of packaged bedding comes with high thread marks stated on it, the quality of the thread is what matters most. The feel of the bedding should be soft, and our soft sheets are one of such that simply get better with time.

Thread count is a measure of the quality of a fabric, especially a bed sheet. The higher the thread count the more luxurious the sheet. Click To Tweet
  1. Protectors:

By this, we mean the Mattress and Pillow protectors. The protectors work by serving as a barrier to prevent dirt or dust on the pillow case or bed sheet from penetrating and settling into the pillow and mattress. If you have not already started using this, this may seem as a non-issue but when you take a moment to visualize cleaning your sheets and laying it on that mattress without protector that has absorbed some significant matter, it seems like you are dwelling in dirt all over.  However, having a protector helps to trap all that dirt that you can easily pull off and wash and continue to maintain that fresh cleanliness you love.

  1. Lifespan:

Bedding is not a lifelong product. However its lifespan also depends on factors such as: laundry care given to it, frequency of use, and quality of the bedding. We recommend you get fresh sheets when the fibre becomes weak or pilling starts on it.

  1. Colour Combination:

We recommend that you consider the tone you want to adopt in your room when buying that new bedding. The colour of your bedding when it is in consonance with the other colours you already have in your room helps in making your room visually stimulating and soothing for relaxation. Thankfully, at Bedsheets Express, we have diverse colours that you can choose from.

  1. Laundry Care:

This is important as it influences the lifespan of your bedding. We recommend that you wash your bedding with cold water and not hot water, as hot water can break down the fibres, making the sheets break down easily. Also, wash the sheets alone without adding any extra fabric especially coloured fabric. That way, you do not risk another clothing staining your bedding.

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