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Petal Reversible Complete Set

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Here’s what you get when you order this set in any of the following sizes:


1 bedsheet

2 pillowcases

1 duvet cover

1 duvet quilt


1 bedsheet

4 pillowcases

1 duvet cover

1 duvet quilt


1 bedsheet

4 pillowcases

1 duvet cover

1 duvet quilt


Design: Petal

Condition: New

Delivery: Within 3 to 5 working Days

Material: 100% cotton

Texture: Amazingly Soft

Sizes: 4.5×6, 6×6, 7×7

•Duration: 5 years+

Maintenance: Easy to wash and dry. The colour does not fade off


Product Description


This Petal reversible complete set comes with a duvet quilt that is easily detachable from the duvet cover and both can be washed and dried separately if the need arises. This remarkable feature makes it easy and convenient to launder while cutting the laundering time in half. It also makes it cheaper to replace 10 years down the line since you won’t have to buy both the quilt and the cover unlike when both are fixed and joined together.

Furthermore, the wonderful design helps update the look of your room. Designed in a distinguished manner, this reversible complete set can be washed manually or with machine and it comes with matching pillow shams to brighten and decorate your room. In fact, we are confident you’ll love the soft comfort of this set when you order it.

Our environmental friendly set perfectly fits your bed every time and ensures that your sleeping habitat is just awesome and beautiful to behold. The quality of the cotton also ensures that with this set on your bed, you will never experience difficulty in breathing while you sleep.

In addition, this set is actually a Luxury that you can see and feel. It creates a welcoming environment and a restful feeling in your bedroom after the day’s work. You will without doubt always find yourself getting a pleasant night rest on this cozy set when laid out on your bed in a grand style. We believe style and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive—with this set, you won’t have to sacrifice one for the other. The colors are simply designed to match both your taste and the interior decoration of your room and is guaranteed to last for several years.


  • Top Quality Construction. The expertly tailored design of this set adds elegance and sophistication to your bedroom. Its vibrant colours were made exclusively not to fade with washing!
  • Top selling Quality Bedding Products are made with the highest quality fabric so you know it lasts! Made from 100% cotton fabric for optimal softness that you can see and feel! Wrinkle and Fade Resistant, it also easy to care for.
  • No risky purchase. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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4.5 X 6, 6 X 6, 7 X 7


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